With the new MirageOS 3.0 release on the horizon I looked at some ideas for a new logo. It will be a shame to lose our well-loved llama but it’s also a great time for a new shiny logo!

I wanted the design to evoke the blurry appearance of a mirage, and also incorporate the ‘M’. The bright blue of the desert sky is a pleasing complement to the OCaml orange.

After talking with Anil, we thought it might interesting to have the logo also represent phases of completion or development, so I designed a hand drawn ‘draft image for stage 1, a half coloured image for stage 2, and a complete image for the final stage.

They could potentially be used as badges for builds passing CI, or for Mirage libraries at different levels of development etc.

Stage 1 Stage 2
Complete! Small and outlined

Still a work in progress - let me know what you think! @gemmag